Maxi Schramm, Christopher Kittel and myself have recently published an open access article on the discoverability crisis. We invite your feedback on our analysis of the situation, in particular on the four proposed measures to better handle the ever-increasing information overload in scholarly communication.

Title: Discoverability in (a) crisis

Abstract: The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a host of issues with the current scholarly communication system, one aspect being the discoverability of scientific knowledge. Observing the many shortcomings of discovery workflows in the course of COVID-19 confirms that discoverability itself is in crisis. In this article, we analyze the discoverability crisis and its root causes. We introduce open discovery infrastructure as a promising approach for the development of innovative discovery solutions. We present several efforts based on open discovery infrastructure that have emerged to provide better discovery of coronavirus research and discuss what is still needed to overcome the discoverability crisis.

Link to the full text:

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