Combining Barcamps and Research: Science Barcamp Vienna

On Sunday, I participated in Science Barcamp Vienna. To my knowledge, this was the first barcamp in Austria dedicated exclusively to science. I was looking forward to the event, as I had thoroughly enjoyed less formal research events, like the STELLAR Alpine Rendez-vous. The schedule for the day offered a broad mix: overviews on certain topics (such as in vitro meat by Vladimir Mironov), service sessions (such as TV/radio handling by Klaus Bichler), software presentations (such as an open source software for pharmaceutical research by Daniel), and a session on visions of research in the 21st century and hackerspaces by Michael Bauer.

My session was somewhere in-between. Originally, I wanted to talk about Science 2.0 and Open Science. Since the latter was already well covered in the course of the event, I limited myself to Science 2.0 and combined that with a proposed discussion on opportunities and threats of using social media as a researcher (ah, the beauty of barcamps!). You can find the slides of my talk below. The discussion was very interesting, including the use of social media for peer review, how to deal with the lack of quality control on the web, and the threat of idea scooping.

All in all, I enjoyed the barcamp very much. I learned a lot, and I got to know many interesting people. Thanks to the organizers Michael Horak und Brigitta Dampier, and hopefully until next year!

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