I-KNOW 2010: Science 2.0 session and Student Cooperation Event

The I-KNOW is Europe’s largest conference on knowledge management and knowledge technologies. This year, the I-KNOW celebrates its 10th anniversary, featuring a rich conference program over three days, encompassing an English speaking scientific track and a German speaking forum for practicioners.

I would like to direct your attention to two specific slots at this year’s conference. First of all, there will be a session entitled Technologies for Science 2.0 (Sep 1, 14:00-16:00). The session will focus on the technological side of Science 2.0 and includes a talk from Jan Reichelt (founder and director of Mendeley).
Secondly, the Wissensmanagement Forum is organising an International Student Cooperation Event (Sep 2, 14:00-16:00). We will be giving everyone the chance to present his or her PhD topic in a 5 minutes madness talk and get feedback from like-minded colleagues. Then, we would like to discuss with you typical questions that come up when doing a PhD, like “How do I stick to a topic?”, “What should I focus on?” etc. Afterwards there will be time to socialize and establish new contacts. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Please write to conny.christl@wm-forum.org if you would like to make a presentation. The I-KNOW 2010 will take place at from September 1-3 at Messe Congress Graz (Austria). It will be held concurrently with I-SEMANTICS  2010, the International Conference on Semantic Systems.

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